Pennsylvania Unemployment Continues To Fail Its Residents (Tips & More)


SO! Pennsylvania decided to finally update its unemployment website after about two decades too late. The roll out occurred on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Needless to say, the launch was a complete fiasco. 

After watching their live update on Facebook and scrolling through the comments, I felt compelled to write this blog with the realities of PA Unemployment. So many people are confused and there is no help from the state agency. Phones were down for hours. The website crashed. People who were able to access the website were not able to re-login to review their information.

I’ve had a lot of experience with unemployment in PA and NJ. Here’s some Quick Facts about PA unemployment, if you've been unable to log in or re-enter your account:

(Originally Posted 06/08/2021, Tuesday at 5:08PM)

1. If you were supposed to claim on Sunday, June 6, you can now claim today – whenever the website is accessible.

2. If you are trying to use a prior username and password and it is not working, create a NEW account with a NEW username. Once you get pass that first page, you will be taken to a page to enter your date of birth and social security number.

3. YOU CANNOT RE-ENTER your account once you have logged out or your session timed out.

4. You CANNOT update your banking info. If you click on the link, it will keep taking you to a page to enter your password, but your password WILL NOT work. 

5. You CANNOT claim by phone until June 10.

6. If you need help, do not send multiple emails. I am sorry, it’s true, multiple emails will only delay their response. This is not an overnight fix. You will need to come to terms with that for your mental health’s sake. It took PA unemployment over eight months to respond to a “simple request”. 

7. You can try calling, but again, do not expect much. The phone is always busy, even if you try calling at 7:59AM or exactly 8:00AM.

8. Most importantly, please take care of yourself. Your mental health is very important. You cannot make sound decisions when you are over exerted. Take as many moments as you need to destress. Here is a link to stress relieving guided mediations. It may seem silly at first, but I promise you will get some relief. I’m in the same boat, so let’s all just pray for each other.

Thanks for reading and please share! You may help someone in need xoxo
-DeAnn aka Foxee Coxxy

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(Updated 06/08/2021, Tuesday at 7:36PM)